Using SCSI or IDE as a VMWare virtual device adapter

For a while I noticed the performance of a virtual machine (2 cores, 2GB, Win Server 2K8 R2 64Bit) was very poor, while the autostart services always timed out. After starting services manually things eventuallystarted working although at a sluggish pace. Fixed: changing the VMWare device adapter from IDE to SCSI, the performance has signifincantly improved.

Introducing PrincessTenko

With Hurricane Sandy, and also the time of the year, my God have I been busy working full time has never been so demanding. Well with the sad news out of the way, I also bring some good news. PrincessTenko is a new trading strategy written to trade equities (long & short). Can find more information about … Continue reading Introducing PrincessTenko

Black Scholes Merton and LTCM – Part 1

I have just watched BBC’s documentry about Black-Scholes (for the 10th time). Black Scholes (BBC) Every time I watch it i learn something new, mainly because each time my knowledge of the subject matter has significantly increased in between viewings. The formula below is the fundamental BS equation (solution a la Merton) My sister was … Continue reading Black Scholes Merton and LTCM – Part 1

Even when the odds are against you

Happy New Year. Was doing some work recently, and I suddenly lost motivation when I realized this was going to be very challenging. So I decided to take a break and started flipping through my old work then books then emails then and even text messages. I found this picture: This mousy, probably even got … Continue reading Even when the odds are against you