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Azure Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Errors #1: cancelled transactions

Microsoft’s Azure data warehouse is a cloud hosted PaaS offering. Which implies compute and storage resources are managed by Microsoft / Azure fabric.

Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities occur which are supposed to be transparent, i.e. should not impact the platform. This is a false assumption.

On some occasions maintenance will impact the platform. For example back-end “node movements”, rotating compute / storage resources will cause errors on one of the compute / data nodes to bubble up into a transaction causing the transaction to enter a cancelled state.

Protect your transactions

The best way to protect a transaction when dealing with Azure DW, is to integrate retry logic into code.

$retry = 5
while ($retry -gt 0)

        # Connect here and perform SQL / ETL operation ...

        # Finally end the loop
        $retry = 0
        $retry =- 1
        if ($retry -gt 0)
            Start-Sleep -Seconds 30
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wii360 / wii60

This is the gaming combination of the future, which simply means I have a Nintendo Wii and an XBOX 360.

A new trend emerging from this whole next gen console wars is emerging. having two consoles is going to become the norm. for example people with a Wii and a PS3 would have a wiis3 /wiips3 / wii3, although wii3 kinda sounds cool.

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Why Nintendo needs games with more depth

Judging by my recent posts you can tell that I have some Nintendo Fanboy genes. Anyway I read an article on the BBC about the Wii, which got me thinking about what Nintendo needs in other to maintain momentum. Physics 101- Newtons law of motion states that a body would continue in its state of motion unless an external unbalanced force acts on it – keep that in mind for now. Nintendo makes games that everyone  from all works of life can immediately pick up and start playing – Nintendo makes the best games period.

But this is the reason why most games can lack depth.

Going back to what I said earlier about momentum, Nintendo has momentum for three main reasons:

  1. Recent sales figures and tests show that Nintendo has successfully tapped the non gaming demographic and bringing them in by the trolley loads.
  2. The Wii controls bring a new angle to gaming even hard core non Nintendo gamers have shown interest in the console.
  3. At £179 for console and a game – the price is right.

We’ve all heard about the wonderful launch the Wii had compared to the PS3, plus the 30 launch titles including the best game ever made – Zelda twilight princess. It’s like Nintendo have been dealt an upper hand, the gamecube was a good system but lack of third party support killed the system, in fact I cannot remember any third party game that I liked on the gamecube apart from resident evil. Nintendo need more exclusives from other third party studio’s especially the likes of Capcom and Ubisoft.

Nintendo scares me when the say things like we are going in a different direction by not trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft, there is no such thing because a competitor is a competitor. This is the gaming industry were games determine which console gets more playing time. I agree with the philosophy of not relying on graphics alone to determine the enjoyability of a console, in the long run this benchmarking criteria is flawed (it’s like using the core speed of a cpu to judge it’s performance). However pretending that you are in a league of your own is like lying to yourself (Iraqi minister of info) about the inevitable.

Nintendo also need a solid online platform. Wii sports would be a major major blast if I could play with other people online. Who knows where my golf skills might take me, be scared Tiger.

Bottom line is to maintain this momentum:

  1. Nintendo needs more third party support (not ports) and exclusives.
  2. Nintendo needs a solid online gaming system like and even better than XBOX live.
  3. Keep the good games coming.

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Why Apple, and not Microsoft for Nintendo

Following my last post here. One comment I received moved me to post this response:


I think Microsoft will attempt the purchase…. not Apple. It will be a very smart move for chairman Bill and Co. they will take the market lead in the video games market (especially in Japan) and crush Sony in the process….. just imagine Mario, Link and the Masterchief getting drunk together….

Least we forget that microsoft have invested too much money into the xbox. Also buying Nintendo would be too expensive for them (not that the don’t have the cash), because the two companies have different agenda’s, (no synergy). Nintendo makes games and have voiced that all along while Microsoft is a software company that was forced into console gaming due to market conditions, (basicallybrb,cramps
Microsoft would defend anything they think is a threat to their business). I believe Microsofts long term aim is to use Xbox Live like an itunes platform, basically hitting Apple where they defend.

Apple like Microsoft make computers but differ since: one – they don’t have a gaming unit yet! Two – have not been forced by the market to make games yet, this is why even apple have not really bothered pitching their products to gamers like Microsoft have. Three – Apple have been able to carve out the Music business for themselves and can use this to leverage their other non ipod products. This is really the way business might be done in the future.

On buying Nintendo, my belief is Nintendo’s products look like Apple’s, their ideology match Apple’s. Apple needs to be able to defend Microsoft on the gaming front. because XBOX live is a threat to there itunes service.