PrincessTenko’s delayed Stock transactions

Been getting questions about her transactions (pls post them on my blog as comments) Thought I’d clarify that the transaction section is delayed. This means that there is a lag between the time the trade occurred  and when it is printed, i.e. a few periods ago PrincessTenko dabbled in that stock. See her in action (and possibly here arch rival … Continue reading PrincessTenko’s delayed Stock transactions

Forecasting Database Growth

Been thinking about the most accurate method for forecasting. More closely to my line of work, I’d like to forecast database growth over a specified period of time into the future? The common method I have seen used is to simple use excel and plot a trend line from previously collected data, while this can … Continue reading Forecasting Database Growth

VMWare Server 2 Multicore Performance

Noticed that despite the fact that one of my VM’s (Win2k8, 64Bit) was configured with 2Gb Ram and 2 CPU cores the performance, even while idle, was not as expected. It was sluggish  and so unresponsive that the snap-in loader timed out all the time. This was very frustrating, I increased the RAM, Pagefile,  name it … Continue reading VMWare Server 2 Multicore Performance

Don’t want to learn Perl, Python, Shell … Ok, try On.Inno

There are people on this planet earth, wonderful as it is, that don’t want to learn about the glue that holds all things together. And by glue I’m referring to the workhorse scripts that never really get the attention they deserve: Perl Python Shell One cannot truly say they have experienced a production infrastructure with at least typing one command from … Continue reading Don’t want to learn Perl, Python, Shell … Ok, try On.Inno

use Parallel::ForkManager

A very powerful and easy to use Perl multitasking module. Used in every single code I now write, as it’s annoying to continuously  update code just to make it scale-able. In my scripts I usually like to “fork” things off especially say when manipulating data. With this module it’s as easy as a foreach loop: use Parallel::ForkManager; use PiroLabs::Utils::DataCruncher; … Continue reading use Parallel::ForkManager

Using SCSI or IDE as a VMWare virtual device adapter

For a while I noticed the performance of a virtual machine (2 cores, 2GB, Win Server 2K8 R2 64Bit) was very poor, while the autostart services always timed out. After starting services manually things eventuallystarted working although at a sluggish pace. Fixed: changing the VMWare device adapter from IDE to SCSI, the performance has signifincantly improved.

Introducing PrincessTenko

With Hurricane Sandy, and also the time of the year, my God have I been busy working full time has never been so demanding. Well with the sad news out of the way, I also bring some good news. PrincessTenko is a new trading strategy written to trade equities (long & short). Can find more information about … Continue reading Introducing PrincessTenko