use Parallel::ForkManager

A very powerful and easy to use Perl multitasking module.

Used in every single code I now write, as it’s annoying to continuously  update code just to make it scale-able. In my scripts I usually like to “fork” things off especially say when manipulating data.

With this module it’s as easy as a foreach loop:

use Parallel::ForkManager;

use PiroLabs::Utils::DataCruncher;

my $max_threads = 10;

my @tasks = qw (x / + -);

$pm = new Parallel::ForkManager($max_threads);

foreach (@tasks){

$pm = new Parallel::ForkManager($max_threads);

my $pid = $pm->start and next;

my $dc = new DataCruncher([0 … 2000000], $_);





In the snippet above I want to perform multiplication, division, addition and subtraction all at the same time on some defined data set.

Next post I will show how to pass data from the child processes back to the parent.

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