Spring cleaning

It’s about time I updated my blog.

Been away writing exams, finished that now waiting for my results which if I pass then I become an Electronics and Electrical Engineer.

A lot has happened in tech. Nigeria with the help of China just launched a satellite into space, don’t know the exact sat type but heard it’s a comms sat that would be controlled from the capital Abuja, a lot of potential for investors to capitalise on the stability of the Nigerian economy and govt.

The US senate on numerous occasions took hearings about the net neutrality issue.

Google has revamped it’s start page, plus tweaked the search engine.A notable feature is the ability to search within YouTube videos. Speaking of YouTube Scoble blogged about the importance of YouTube to google and how it is paying off, for $1.6 billion Google got a bargain. the next US presidential debate is going to be broadcast on YouTube.

Also Google is buying out it’s rivals in the online ads business.

Finally the new Apple iphone is scheduled for release on 29 June in the states. I wonder when and if it would reach UK shores.

One more thing I take up a position in the IT department at Credit Suisse.

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