wii360 / wii60

This is the gaming combination of the future, which simply means I have a Nintendo Wii and an XBOX 360.

A new trend emerging from this whole next gen console wars is emerging. having two consoles is going to become the norm. for example people with a Wii and a PS3 would have a wiis3 /wiips3 / wii3, although wii3 kinda sounds cool.

2 thoughts on “wii360 / wii60

  1. CustomRydin (PS3 and Xbox 360 Tag)

    Well I have a xbox 360, ps3 and a wii so what would I have then…would it be a 360wii3, wii3360, or wii360ps3…Would I also include my PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, Original xbox, and ps2…No that would be one long name.

  2. Dude I envy your console cache. Only next gen consoles can qualify for this naming convetion, :).

    I like wii3360, also how does ps3wii360 sound or even ps3wii60.

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