Yes that would be one wii for me please!

Just preordered my wii from virgin megastores (in shop only).


My experiences form queueing up (especially at that same store) have left be scared (and abused). Last time I queued was for the Xbox 360, not on the launch day. Vigin had this sale were 360’s were selling for £99. Well I joined an already forming queue with my fellow geeks, there were some other type of folk on the queue too. We got in only to realise that the sale only applied to 5 items only, really they only had 5 or so Xbox’s for £99. People were shouting and throwing abuse at any body in a virgin uniform they could find (now I know why managers never wear their shops colours) for pulling one over their heads.

Anyway I’m going to get Zelda, Red Steel, Rayman Raving Rabbits, wii play for the extra wii-mote, and maybe splinter cell double agent.

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