Yet it does’nt look too good for HP …

It’s becoming pretty clear how HP spied on it’s employees and reporters. Cnet is reporting that some of the methods used to snoop on employees and alleged reporters included wiretapping. I’m not surprised mainly because it is not unnatural for firms to read and constantly monitor messages.

It’s a big bomb shell that threatens to disrupt Mark Hurd’s regrouping empire.

2 thoughts on “Yet it does’nt look too good for HP …

  1. Peter, HP will recover I believe. You are right many firms monitor employees’ use of e-mail and the internet. I know that newspapers do so and have even followed reporters with private investigators.

    See my blog at

  2. I have to agree that HP would recover but would Mark Hurd survive?

    The extent of the monitoring should come under scrutiny. Most firms collect all data stating that it’s due to legal and compliance but we need legislation that states how this data is used.

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