Microsoft Zune

Zune Colours

This is the almighty Zune from Microsoft. The only thing left for Microsoft is to be a content provider. Microsoft went back to the drawing board and came back with this device that matched Apple’s Ipod price for price but has more features like Wireless and a bigger screen size. Appart form those two striking features it also betters the Ipod as it can play music and video in more than one format (not just the WMA but also AAC).

Microsoft has decided to step over it’traditional partners and ditch the traditional way of doing business. I suspect frustration and fear has pushed them this far. Apple is currently re-surging and is becoming a runaway success (Almost 1 in 5 people I know have an Ipod). However I suspect Apple would not lie down and be owned by Microsoft again.

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  1. Zune

    Microsoft has set the price for the iPod like device called the Zune. It will start out at $249.99 and songs will be $.99 each. The Microsoft Zune holds 30 gigabytes of music. You can purchase the Zune on it’s release date, November 14, 2006.


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