Voodoo PC and HP tie up

Forbes is reporting that HP has acquired hot rod PC maker, Voodoo PC. Dell recently acquired Alienware which was also a gaming PC maker. The climate during the Dell acquisition is very similar to that surrounding the HP acquisition. Dell had been under-performing with lower than expected financial statements plus the fact that Intel tied up with Apple. How did Dell react? Dell not only acquired Alienware but announced that it would start using AMD chips as opposed to Intel only chips. This may have taken the heat of them for the mean time but with Apple’s continuous resurgence Dell may still be coughing and sneezing for some time.

Back to HP whose chairman recently resigned because she had apparently authorised the use of some crooked methods to unearth the mole within the board. Suddenly Mark Hurd see’s the need to change the focus by announcing that HP had acquired Alienware, well this might not be the case. But the computing industry just got a whole lot serious.

Congratulations to the chaps at Voodoo and HP for making the industry a lot more interesting.

4 thoughts on “Voodoo PC and HP tie up

  1. Come on. Think about the timing. How long does it take to do a deal like this? For a clue… read Rahul’s blog at http://voodoopc.blogspot.com/

    “Let’s see… I have to be in Washington this Thursday… can someone go out and acquire some comany to take everyone’s attention away from the pretexting thing?”

  2. I did, must have been after or before his Dell post.
    Also the deal might have been inked a while back but the timing for the announcement is suspect.
    Would be interesting to see if this can somehow throw the spotlight of the HP spying issue.

  3. Piro, Yes, the timing of the discussions and blog post at VooDoo are quite ironic. At the time of the post I suggested they were motivated more by competitive reasons than by any “industry insight.” You got to wonder.

    Nice to see HP following our technology leadership in the marketplace. PC gaming is an area that continues to push the envelope of current hardware capabilities (especially in terms CPU and graphics), and tends to attract high-end users. Its why about a year ago at Dell we launched our XPS product line and why we acquired Alienware 6 months ago.

    We see exciting games continue to roll out from developers with the PC gaming market continuing to grow. Our team, such as Michael, are already attuned to this market, well ahead of HP. Michael discussed this trend annd Dell’s involvement on our corporate blog http://www.direct2dell.com

    While the Sood brothers work to convince HP to pay attention to this trend and apply the technologies across platforms, at Dell, we are already making sure that our products continue to meet the needs of all types of gamers from the casual game player to the most dedicated and hardcore with the XPS products being very attune to market needs….

  4. Richard, it is clear that both firms have only just realised the benefits of gaming PC’s.
    Both HP and Dell like other big firms are usually slow to embrace innovation. Voodoo and Alienware have been doing water cooled systems for some time now yet this cooling system has not made it into the any product lines form either Firms.
    HP deffinately did the right thing in order to be able to effectively compete with Dell.

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