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Worlds most expensive Yacht

The Maltese Falcon is the world fastest and most expensive boat. What impresses is the amount of technology this boat packs. This boat does not cost $100 million for nothing, the Sails alone would set you back about $5 million. The sails have sensors in them that relay data about the the environment to the crew. Simply amazing.

13 thoughts on “Worlds most expensive Yacht

  1. normal triangular sails would have looked alot better no offence but those sails make it look pretty ugly, ill stick with my private island in french polynesia and my 50 foot cat thank you

  2. holy f @ # % ^ wat a huge beast of a boat maby a coupl million to much……….. the sails whoooooo i cant even afford that

  3. listen this boat is insane ive seen it, i shit my self then pissed my pants i would kill my grand mother for this jp grandma

  4. woahhh nice much but even if i had a gazillion dollars, i wouldnt ever buy this boat its not as if i would be able to use all of the fancy stuff that just adds to the price tag

  5. It is impressive, but …

    when you’re standing the middle watch all alone at 149 W, and the Southern Cross twinkles at you, only 17 degrees up in the velvety black tropical sky, are you too busy monitoring the systems to enjoy the scent of the frangipani?

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