Tips for a successfull business part 2

See part one here.

2 days ago I was in a meeting, unknown to me I had to introduce myself since I was new in the team I was assigned. What did I say …. i think it went something like “My Naaammmee is Peter Irojah, erm, erm, I wen to university college London, erm, I worked here last year”. it amazes me how off-guard and ill prepared I was. It got me thinking and reading, I concluded that success depends on the ability to sell.

In fact There are three things I belive determines a great seller of one’s self or product:

  1. Who you know
  2. What you know
  3. How you sell.

Going back to my meeting, I could have done a better job at selling my self to create a lasting impression on those I met. Who you know grows as you sell and the more people you know the better, because it means more in your network. You know more people by selling. What you know helps you sell, in fact knowing is the best way to sell. Most encounters in life would be remembered by how you sold.

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