Tip for a successfull business 1

I work as a freelance web designer/developer. Recently I completed a project for a client in the property sector that took three weeks to complete. The first week was spent producing gathering the clients requirements and producing a mockup. This specific client wanted 3 site designs so that the client could have his pick. The first mistake which I now convert to the first tip is always make sure that whatever your line of business you have a kind of agreement document with the client. A requirement document is very important in web design/dev yet i did not produces one for the client to see and sign off.

3 weeks later the work was done, three templates/design were made for the client who was stunned and happy with the quality of the work. The client choose one and was quoted a price. A week later the client is still giving excuses, about what you may be thinking? One excuse was the job took too long, another was the job was not good enough.

I cannot stress how important it is to have some kind of legal or binding agreement between your business and the client except if you would want to be left with eggs on your face.

I’m going to do some more fact finding for some more help-full tips, anybody have one let me know.

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