It’s been a while…

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. Work and other distractions have to blame but the good news is that I’m back. Inspired by my buddy Elisha Sulai who also has a blog, I decided to pick up where I left of.

Some things that have happened:

  • The American senate have dealt a huge blow to net neutrality by rejecting the proposed bill that I was talking about. Cnet has a nice article on the communications issues in the states.
  • The Piratebay was raided and has since resurfaced with a vengence, so they say.
  • was also knocked offline but has also resurfaced.
  • The world richest man just hot a whole lot richer. Warren Buffet, second on the Forbes rich list suddenly decides to give Bill Gates 85% of his wealth. That’s a cool $31 billion.
  • Bill Gates decides to call it quits as chairman of Microsoft also Robert Scoble leaves too to join a podcating start up.
  • Google released their version of on-line payment system, Google checkout, to rival paypal and aims to make shopping a one click affair. I don’t know if this would actually be a paypal killer but Ebay, Amazon and co must either be working on something or the end could be near for their businesses. Cnet has a review here
  • A site that lets people play with dolls, yes dolls was sold for a cool $6 million. Makes me wonder when I’m going to go public with my own killer product. Only time will tell…
  • Microsoft released the public beta versions of windows vista and office 2007. The deadline has passed for downloading or ordering the evaluation DVD but i’m sure one can still get a copy from a friend…
  • The world cup has already ended for some, shame, and continues for others. results here. France clearly out-classed (video) Brazil while Germany and France are tipped for the finals.
  • My results are out. Yes and I’m proud to say I did OK.
  • I start work as an intern in 7hrs.

Anybody have anything else to add?

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