Life 2.0: Everything is better digital

I’ve been away again and unlike Robert Scoble who got an Xbox 360, I was only able to get a plain old Xbox. I really want an Xbox 360, but was not ready to wait for the shops to stock one and pay £300, so I checked ebay. After searching through i could not find one that fit within my flimpsy budget so I decided to just get a plain old Xbox, I’ve always wanted one to add to my collection. The thing about this Xbox was that it was modified, a mod chip was put into the Xbox so I could stream media from my server and watch ot on the TV and not on my laptop as usual. Took me the whole of saturday to get the darn chip to work, but eventually I loaded the new dashboard called Xbox media center (XBMC). It’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen, and solves many of my problems. I live in life 2.0 where everything has to be digital (I have been digitising my DVD’s and CD’s), try it out (at your own risk)

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