Being more productive

Google blog highlight's some problems that most geeks and computer users alike would suffer as we begin to spend more time using computers.

A growing trend is that we tend to spend more and more time online and less time exercising, eventually we become unproductive. However you may think this is not true, if you don't it's most likely because you probably have not exercised in the last hour or your brain is fooled into thinking that it is actually doing something productive. A couple of posts away I said this was going to be a problem even in my own life. I am going to try one more time to see if spending too much time online actually makes me unproductive, also I need to start revising for my final exams and see the Internet as a potential distraction.

Because it is now possible to watch CNN and even the apprentice on the web while reading news, less time is actually spent with family and friends. I know this is geek-ish and not everybody is entertained as such but the problem is isolation. A Stanford research supports this theory (which I dubbed Life 2.0, full theory coming soon).

Starting tomorrow I'll spend just 3 hours online this should add up to 15 hours a week, just above the average Internet use time.

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