What happens after the Flickr?

While everyone seems to be going crazy about Web 2.0, Chrono has been Web 2.0 -ing all week and TechCrunch has extensive reviews, no one seems to be considering the what if scenario.

What if the whole web 2.0 reaches hyper drive and for one reason (like low investor confidence) or another most of the firms listed on tech crunch start to go burst. What would happen to their consumer/user base? This is one reason why I am a bit skeptical about web 2.0 firms. What would happen to my account when funding runs out?

This whole beta thing is being exploited to an unacceptable level, Ana points this out. Yes it’s good to have plenty of innovative ideas and competition but once an industry/genre has a clear leader in terms of user base, funding and even features, the environment becomes unhealthy and competing becomes very risky. I suggest that it is time for competing firms to change their business models or execute an exit strategy. Simply look for another market or industry to peddle their ware’s to.

This is innovation.

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