Life 2.0

Well done to CNET for exposing the big movie studio's who intend to charge extortionate fees for downloading movies. The good news though is that the studio's have finally noticed the trend of internet/digital movie viewing. What took them so long? I mean this this is a really important trend that is shaking the business model of every media and content provider. However they seem to think that $30 for a movie is right, well they are right for getting on the interweb bandwagon but at the wrong price. Although they can argue that the extra costs are for overheads like bandwidth, i believe they would be forced to re-examine this pricing model.

I recently noticed that I actually enjoyed watching videos and movies at my laptop and on demand. So I stated digitizing my DVD and video collection, and of course the use the interweb* to fill in the gaps ;-). This is the way it's going to be from now on, this is life 2.0.

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