Time for a break

An article written by a "tech doctor" on Zdnet brings to light something that everyone who uses or even torches a computer or technology related stuff should know. This is obviously a new era. Our lifestyle, or at least mine centers around my computer or some gadget like my ps2, and it has changed the way I act, sleep and even eat. It is very easy to actually get hooked on doing nothing. What exactly am I going on about? I’ll put it like this if I could measure my productivity, I’ll probably say something like "my productivity has dipped well below 20%". I have become so unproductive and I don’t enjoy doing anything that does not involve technology, frankly if my laptop is not involved then I’m not interested. The only thing I find my self doing these days is maxing my bandwidth and sitting in my comfortable chair (i bought this chair £20 and it is sweet). What is wrong with me?

 I don’t exactly know what is wrong or how to solve my problem, but it involves my computer!

 I need to know long I can go without using my computer, yes I’ll be taking a break. Starting from today I’ll only log onto to my PC to check my emails, and update my blog then immediately log off.

Anyone have a tip, drop me a line.

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1 thought on “Time for a break

  1. […] A growing trend is that we tend to spend more and more time online and less time exercising, eventually we become unproductive. However you may think this is not true, if you don't it's most likely because you probably have not exercised in the last hour or your brain is fooled into thinking that it is actually doing something productive. A couple of posts away I said this was going to be a problem even in my own life. I am going to try one more time to see if spending too much time online actually makes me unproductive, also I need to start revising for my final exams and see the Internet as a potential distraction. […]

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