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Time for a break

An article written by a "tech doctor" on Zdnet brings to light something that everyone who uses or even torches a computer or technology related stuff should know. This is obviously a new era. Our lifestyle, or at least mine centers around my computer or some gadget like my ps2, and it has changed the way I act, sleep and even eat. It is very easy to actually get hooked on doing nothing. What exactly am I going on about? I’ll put it like this if I could measure my productivity, I’ll probably say something like "my productivity has dipped well below 20%". I have become so unproductive and I don’t enjoy doing anything that does not involve technology, frankly if my laptop is not involved then I’m not interested. The only thing I find my self doing these days is maxing my bandwidth and sitting in my comfortable chair (i bought this chair £20 and it is sweet). What is wrong with me?

 I don’t exactly know what is wrong or how to solve my problem, but it involves my computer!

 I need to know long I can go without using my computer, yes I’ll be taking a break. Starting from today I’ll only log onto to my PC to check my emails, and update my blog then immediately log off.

Anyone have a tip, drop me a line.

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