Bubble No. two

I have a problem. I love the internet, Things are much more interesting than they were before. But witht the way things are going I just feel that another .com bubble is imminenent. stop and think about it. Right now there seems to be so much going, AJAX and XAML is out and I have not even finished perfecting my skills on XML.

Many similarities exist:

1. The number of would be web companies is growing at an alarming rate. some of these are good while others are just plain bad.

2.Speculation is plenty because everybody seems to think the know what the future holds. Some like me would say “a paragdim shift is imminent”, which may be true but.

3.Until last week stock has been gaing value at an alarming rate some justified and others just breathe taking. last week in 1 day $20 Billion was wiped off the value of google stock.

One significant difference is that lessons have been learnt from bubble one.

Expect more to come, but just do me a four and think about it.

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