The changing faces of?

So Google has started selling films and other stuff too. It’s a brilliant idea especially now that the advertising market is maturing, or is it? Well the web is buzzing that a paradigm shift is imminent.  And that with every shift some bigshot-wanna-be(s) has(ve) had to bow down or sent to the corner where they either lick their wounds or self destruct. Now we all know that there are really only 3 and a half fighters fighting for the ring. First is Google, the most interesting out of the bunch, because while it’s competitors like Microsoft, yahoo and little eBay (I say this jokingly) are around, Google seem to have kept them in cages, and I honor them for still trying take a bite or two from their cages.

Really I admire the position Google is in right now. They have now entered the zone I call the real twilight zone. In the twilight zone anything or everything can happen. Google has something that they others don’t, I don’t have a word for it yet but lets start with Ad sense + video for now. Now just imagine you pull up a web page and instead of the usual text ads you see a small clip with even the option of buying the damn thing on the spot. Trust me folks things are bound to get serious.

So you have just watched the free 10 second preview (that’s if they can get it right) and you want to buy the film, go on, just click on the ad which directs you to step two of the purchasing page.

The problem here is that Google seem to think that encrypting the film with their own proprietary algorithm is the solution to copyright infringement (Note to Google, guys this would not just work because the consumers like to be in charge). Like I said this is a paradigm shift that determines who would be around in say 2015. This shift is going to weed out the weak (those who are not willing to change their business plans – the traditionalists). Even Hollywood has to understand that the era for video on demand is nigh. If they continue to think they still have that much of an influence then it’s time the look away now.

Back to google and the encryption tactics. It is easy to say this might just work because it’s been done before. Like how apple has been able to clock more that 850 million downloads  since itunes opened doors. Apart from the fact that google don’t have that kind of clout if you even take a look at their sketchy video page you would begin to understand. Apple had their devices in the market before the started selling their service. In fact I think now Microsoft is in pole position for delivering services over the web. See my previous blogs and you would realize that they should be the one out of the cage and not google.

Google now has to look for a merging partner, or continue its aggressive acquisition drive. Or stumble on a service that would allow them to become the next video flickr.


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