So what’s 05′ been like.

This year has deffinately been good all round. The tech industry is booming once more, especially the games industry. The 360 just came out with some glitch of course but i’m sure it’s minor. The main problem with the 360 is not even the glitch or overheating problem, it’s actually the shortage. I’ve heard all kinds of stories as to why this is happening but I think the one that annoys me and makes me realize how cunning we are is the one that has to do with workers at the games shops taking the preordered consoles for them selves then flogging it on ebay for an average price of twice the RRP.

Plane crashes are plenty

While another plane has not finished crashing another one is ready to drop. It’s like some where a plan has been hatched were planes are queing up to drop out of the sky. A theory that has been slowly brewed is that in the spirit realm this is the way the body harvest of the year was going to be. I myself thought the plan was to harvest from the hurricanes and tsunami’s, maybe I missed the last few meeting’s, or could have been change of plan from the evil one himself. First the Tsunami then the earth quake in Pakistan, not forgetting Hurricane Katrina, Wilson, Bamby, etc…


So Tony and Bush got their act together by setting up Sadam to stand trial, WHY? I keep wondering why this trial is needed because we all know that even though no evidence of Sadams crimes are found this guy would still be killed. A friend of mine told me “we this trial for the history books“, “What history books?” I told him, it is clear that they would still execute this chap no matter what happens. I’m just an IT guy I really should not dabble in politics but the whole polical scene is crazy and just as confusing as ever.

got any more notables for year 05, then post it.


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