Migrating to the Web 101

Something I recently heard has been resonating in my mind. Some time ago I listened to an INQ podcast.This specific one had Scott McNealy talking about the future of the web. Basically Scott said the future of the computer lies on the internet. I think the chap is onto something, why? It’s not easy to immediately see what he means let alone see how possible this is can be archived.


As history would have it every time a technology revolution is triggered there has always been some significant power play. One classic example is the Betamax vs. VHS. I really don’t need to go intothis, but as the battle was on, both camps firmly believed in their own technology. In the end we all know who won (just in case you have been living on planet Nod, the VHS camp won). Another example is the ipod. I myself have not really agreed that the ipod is really a technological revolution basically because it was out of the norm. The ipod revolution was started by the folks at apple capitalizing on Sony’s ignorance and seizing the opportunity. Sony did not see this coming, becausethe decided that the walkman wasthe device that was here to stay. So basically the trend here was mainly to capitalise or seize an oppotunity or just compete.

The new trend.

Google as a classic example. I see the new trend also involving a power play.First Sergy andLarry saw an opportunity; they provided a free service that did exactly what it said on the tin. Second others like Yahoo and then Microsoft decided they can competeand believe me they have tried but the service google offer’s is far superior.Third Google sees that the competition is heating up and now they have to finda way of diversifying their service offering to compete and because they have identified a new opportunity. The trend here is a mixture of capitalising then seizing an oppotunity and competing.

The Network is the Computer.

You need to update a word document what do you do? Why not log into your online account. Then update it on the web.Like Google, Microsoft has also identified this niche market and intends to kill off the competition here before any significant revolution is initiated.


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