The Enemy within continued …

Ok, I’ve been wasting time. I have come to realize that our greatest enemy is he that is within. I saw Revolver recently, and it got me thinking agian. This is not a movie spoiler by the way. Our greatets enemy on earth is not Saddam or Bin Laden or even the guy who keeps stealling our girlfriends, but the guy in our head.

The brain.

This organ is responsible for cordinating every bodily function yet it chooses to be the source of our own weakness. To put into words what I mean is simply this: You see a beautiful lady, let’s say at a party, and you know you want ot talk to her but you hear voices in your head (once again not the kind that tell’s you to kill her, but the type that say’s dude you can’t pull it off).

The voices.

The voices are pulling the strings now and if your not carefull your drink in your hand starts shaking because your hand is shaking. It’s a common sight, trust me it’s even happened to me.

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